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The Snapshot
Berney specializes in helping companies lower their document expenses and leverage value from their business processes and offering the unique solution: “Device Independent Printing.”
Our Snapshot is a financial and technical discovery designed to help executive level management understand the issues their companies face in document management and processing.

The goal is to make sure we understand all the necessary details about your company’s business critical information, corporate initiatives, and guidelines before offering you a solution—so that the solution can be as comprehensive and customized as possible.

Snapshot evaluates your method of managing printing, copying, faxing, scanning, and document storage to determine the true cost of these systems. Berney collaborates with all departments to analyze your current method of document production from financial and operational perspectives.

The executive summary produced by the Snapshot helps your organization evaluate the financial and operational impacts of your current methods of document processing—what technology you have, what you are doing with it, and what it is costing.

Once the Snapshot is complete, Berney makes recommendations to enhance performance efficiency and cost savings— or implement a device independent printing solution to achieve efficiency while reducing cost and increasing your return on investment. The net result of this process is the presentation of our findings which includes practical recommendations backed up by realistic implementation plans and a positive return on investment.



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